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Cars That Run on Air and Water? Audi Rolls Out E-Diesel
States' Rights
baron_waste wrote in peak_oil


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This looks like it might be topical so I approved it. Thought it was snake oil or spam at first.

Re: Taking a chance....

Well, thank you.  R Zubrin's “Mars Direct” proposal involved sending an unmanned 'factory ship' ahead first, bringing hydrogen and solar cells; sitting on the Martian surface, it would use the atmospheric CO2 to make methane, which would be ready as a fuel when the humans arrived.

It seemed to me that titanic, possibly off-shore solar platforms drawing hydrogen from seawater and CO2 from our air could do the same on an industrial scale; a very clean-burning gasoline can be made from methane, and the supply would be inexhaustible .  I'm glad to see an effort being made in the same direction.  As the article points out, the result does not produce “greenhouse gas,” it uses it!

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