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Ukrainian inventors suffer from fraud in Denmark

Dear Sirs,
My name is Olexii Tarasevich. I am the citizen of Ukraine. I am an inventor.
My father is the doctor of Chemistry, the inventor and the author of many Patents.
Starting from 2006, we have been involved with the development of new silicon purification technologies. Throughout the research period since 2006 till 2011 we have registered seven patens for invention in this field.
In 2011 we have accepted the proposal of Mr. Peter Mietkiewicz Stagetorn Kolos, the citizen of Denmark, about joint implementation of our inventions in Denmark based on the principles of equal and open partnership. At that time we thought of Denmark as of a country of absolute European democracy, a country of fair and happy people, with zero tolerance for corruption. Therefore, his proposal to consolidate our intellectual assets with his financial and business assets in the joint venture "North Atlantic Innovation Group ApS" in the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Denmark seemed attractive.
We paid a heavy price for this illusion!
Currently, as a result of corporate raiding of our joint ownership by our ex-partner (falsification of documents and fraudulent bankruptcy of the company) we have actually lost our ownership and the opportunity to work on the project.
All our attempts to restore justice with the help of the Danish police, State Prosecution office and other public institutions are either ignored or are faced with persistent unwillingness to see the obvious facts.
I have filed two claims in the City Court of Copenhagen, but instead of considering the cases on the merits, I only received financial pressure, first of all through illegal decision of “Kbenhavns Byret” (dommer Anette Burko) on financial pledge of 200 000DKK just for consideration of my case
Today Mr. Peter Mietkiewicz Stagetorn Kolos have reached his strategic aim - to exhaust my family financially. We have no means to pay the lawyers anymore.
But we don’t want to believe that the issue of restoring justice in Denmark is just a question of money! This is why I try to use social networks, online newspapers and open sources of public authorities to attract attention of Danish citizens and international community to our problem.
I am placing several posts which will not contain my conclusions. There are only facts and documents.
1. Mr. Peter Mietkiewicz Stagetorn Kolos is a founder and Director of 20 companies-bankrupts; financial receipts in the amount of DKK 3,084,800 for fictional people (without names and other details of beneficiaries) provided by MR. Peter Kolos as a full package of financial documents.
2. Official documents of Kbenhavns Byret ( Illegal decision of the court on "financial pledge" of 200 000 DKK for the applicant (claimant) as a prerequisite for consideration of the case "on the merits" and Clauses of the Danish Law stating that this rule is not applicable in my case.
3. The documents sent to the prosecutor's office and the police office of the Kingdom of Denmark, as well as to Ministry of Justice of Denmark are ignored. (Official Letter of the Deputy Director of the Department of Consular Service of the MFA of Ukraine with the information taken by the MFA of Ukraine No.71/ВКЗ/19-091_56530 dated 25th June 2014 )
4. The documents confirming the fact of concealment of the Patent Applications “A process for the production of fuel for heat engines on the basis of silicon and hydrogen, and an industrial installation”. “Vanishing” of this and others non-material assets at the time of mandatory annual audit (auditor “Beierholm”)
5. EUDP Documents – “Energiteknologisk udvikling og demonstration”, - the State Fund allocating the Denmark taxpayers’ money; confirmation for 8,962,645.32 DKK
to North Atlantic Innovation Group ApS and 9,209,000 DKK to a private company of Mr. Peter Mietkiewicz Stagetorn Kolos “Danica Greentech ApS. EUDP Internal investigation report and violations revealed.
6. A legal company "ADVOKATFIRMAET PAUL HENRIK JLVER". My cooperation experience. Work quality and Results.
I'll be happy to cooperate with interested journalists/public authorities and I am ready to provide full information, as may be required for a journalist investigation. I warranty reliability and authenticity of the documents. All documents are legally obtained.

I thank all indifferent readers for reposting!
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